• Patty Kukor advocating for school social workers with Senator Richard Blumenthal and Senator Chris Murphy.
  • CASSW Board members meeting at the Clifford Beers Clinic
    New Haven, CT.
  • On the steps of the Clifford Beers Clinic in New Haven, CT.
  • SSWAA Executive Director (middle) and SSWAA's Government Relations Team, SSWAA Summer Institute, Alexandria, VA.
  • CASSW Board member Patty Kukor and SSWAA Executive Director, Frederick Streeck, at Senator Richard Blumenthal's office, Capitol Hill, for legislative advocacy,
  • School Social Workers from various states at SSWAA Summer Institute, Alexandria, VA.
  • Board member, Regina Karas, representing CASSW at the SSWAA Delegate Assembly, Chicago, Illinois.


Please contact NASW/CT at 860-257-8066 or www.naswct.org for more information. The Connecticut Association of School Social Workers (CASSW) and National Association of Social Workers, CT Chapter (NASW/CT) are very pleased to announce the formation of the Alliance of School Social Workers of NASW/CT. The Alliance, which has been in discussion forover a year, between CASSW and NASW/CT, creates a unified approach to the advancementand protection of school social work interests in Connecticut.

In the current environment of economic turmoil and political change the pressures on students and their families have dramatically increased. These pressures have led to an increased need for school based mental health services. School social workers are the front line and leading responders to students and families in need of assistance. Given this challenging environment school social workers are in need of greater support and advocacy. Combining the resources of CASSW and NASW/CT will most effectively deliver the assistance needed and strong voice required for these times.

CASSW brings to NASW/CT their expertise in school social work issues and the leadership of dedicated individuals who practice school social work. NASW/CT brings the advantage of staffing, the resources of a 2900 members association and successful experience at advocating for social work practice, including campaigns to protect school social workers positions.The Alliance will provide to school social workers enhanced continuing education workshops,information sharing, networking opportunities, and advocacy. The Network will also have its own pages on the chapter’s website and featured articles in the chapter’s newsletter. Both statewide and regional activities and support are envisioned that will bring together school social workers from various school districts. The Alliance will become an organizational member of the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA) to ensure that Connecticut’s school social workers have a voice in SSWAA and can take advantage of all the resources SSWAA has to offer. The Alliance will strengthen the voice of school social work within NASW/CT, the larger social work community, with the State Department of Education and throughout Connecticut’s public school districts.

To the best of our knowledge this is the first time that a state’s School Social Worker Association and a NASW Chapter have united in this fashion. It is a tribute to the leadership of both groups for their foresight in understanding the importance, value and strength of speaking with a unified voice on behalf of the practice of school social work and the students and familiesthat they help.

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